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auto tune up

Car Tune Up: Warning Signs & Complete Checklist

Published August 23, 2019

A car tune up can certainly be an ambiguous request or service, as it can mean different things for different people Some car owners refer to an auto tune up as merely a regular check-up, to make sure that their car is in good shape and everything is working...
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wash car

How To Wash A Car

Published August 22, 2019

  Most careful and cautious car owners are well-aware of regular maintenance and tune-ups for their vehicle, whether it’s a car, truck, SUV or any automobile However, washing and cleaning cars is often overlooked and considered just a cosmetic or...
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cold air intake

What is a CVT Transmission? How It Works – Pros and Cons

Published August 19, 2019

If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you may come across the term CVT Transmission What does this term mean And more pointedly, is it something you should buy - or something you should avoid   What is CVT   CVT stands for continuously variable...
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sponge over the car for washing made with color filters

Is Dish Soap Safe For Washing Cars?

Published July 5, 2019

  What Soap is Safe for Cars   Is dish soap safe for washing cars No It’s that simple, but let’s take a deeper look at why Weekly homemade car washes can not only make your vehicle look better, and they can also make your vehicle last longer,...
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wheel bearing

Wheel Bearing Warning Signs

Published May 14, 2019

  You already know that your car cannot function safely or properly without good, sturdy wheels What you may not know is that the wheel is far from a simple component Actually, there is a lot of complexity that goes into the design of a wheel, and...
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