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How to Make Your Car Look New with Chrome Accessories

Published Wed April 12, 2017

Chrome Accessories


Many vehicle owners like to make upgrades and cosmetic changes to their cars. Sometimes these changes are meant to improve performance, but just as often they are made solely to enhance the vehicle’s aesthetics. There are plenty of ways to do this, but one of the most common is to outfit the vehicle with chrome accessories.

Chrome comes with a number of advantages, but the primary motivation for choosing chrome is that you can dramatically change the look of your car without making any truly major or intensive upgrades. With the right tools, installing chrome accessories can be pretty easy and inexpensive.


What is Chrome?


Chrome is the shorthand for chromium, an element that is well-suited for auto accessories: Compared to other metals, it’s quite durable and resistant to both rust and corrosion. Chrome auto trim isn’t necessarily pure chromium, but it is made with chromium plating.

Something else that makes chrome distinct, of course, is its appearance. Compared to most other metals, chrome has a uniquely shiny look which makes it popular among vehicle owners. Additionally, chrome is incredibly easy to maintain and can usually be cleaned with nothing more than a good soap-and-water scrub. Vinegar can also be used for tougher cleaning.


Adding Chrome to the Vehicle Exterior


Chrome can be added as an accent to multiple aspects of the exterior of the vehicle. Some possible places to include exterior chrome accents include:


  • Door handles
  • Trim around headlights and tail lights
  • Mirror covers
  • Gas cap
  • Bumpers
  • Chrome grille


Adding Chrome to the Vehicle Interior


In addition to the exterior, auto owners can also add chrome accents to the inside of their vehicle to provide a stylish and sleek aesthetic. Some possibilities here include:


  • Heat and AC vents
  • Control panels
  • Trim around the shifter
  • These interior pieces may not make as great a difference as the larger exterior ones, but they are easy to install and add a nice touch to the inside of a vehicle.


Adding Chrome to Other Parts of the Vehicle


Chrome accessories can also be added under the hood to enhance the appearance of the engine itself. This, of course, is primarily for real auto enthusiasts. The average vehicle owner usually doesn’t care what the engine looks like, but chrome can add a stylish touch for those who regularly pop the hood at car shows.

The bottom line for all vehicle owners is that if you’re looking to make your car more attractive, chrome can be a good addition. It’s best to start with smaller pieces before working your way up to big ones, simply so that you can get a feel for how an application works. Once you have the chrome attached your car may look much newer than you expected!