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Rusty battery

How to Clean a Car Battery

Published November 22, 2018

  If you have an old battery or a mechanical failing, that’s probably going to require intervention from an automotive specialist But if the problem is simply that the terminals on your battery need to be cleaned, that’s something you can do yourself...
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How to Jump Start A Car

Published November 7, 2018

Has this ever happened to you You jump into the driver’s seat of your car, in a rush to get your kids to school and yourself to work You turn the key and get ready to zoom away—but as you turn your ignition, nothing happens A few clicks or stray sputters...
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Hand pouring transmission fluid as for the good car maintenance

How to Check Transmission Fluid

Published November 3, 2018

  If your vehicle has an automatic transmission—and it probably does—then shifting gears should be a relatively simple, seamless matter If the engine seems to hesitate or stall before shifting from one gear to the next, that could point to a...
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Road looks from the driver seat

What to Do When Power Steering Goes Out

Published October 13, 2018

  Do you suddenly find it very difficult to turn the steering wheel in your car Does the simple act of making a turn seem to require all the grit you can muster Fortunately, you’re not losing all your muscle power—but you may be losing your car’s...
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mechanic check wheel state

Benefits of Anti-Lock Brakes

Published August 22, 2018

  Anti-lock brakes come standard in most modern vehicles—and not without reasons Generally speaking, anti-lock brakes are quite advantageous They provide the driver with more stability and prevent the car from spinning out of control, in particular on...
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