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car leaking oil

Why Is My Car Leaking Oil When Parked?

Published May 14, 2019

  It is often said that changing the oil is the single most important thing you can do to take care of your car Nevertheless, it is something that many automobile owners delay—and the results of procrastination can be dire   The purpose of oil is...
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wheel bearing

Wheel Bearing Warning Signs

Published May 14, 2019

  You already know that your car cannot function safely or properly without good, sturdy wheels What you may not know is that the wheel is far from a simple component Actually, there is a lot of complexity that goes into the design of a wheel, and...
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automatic transmission

How Does an Automatic Transmission Work

Published December 8, 2018

  Automatic and manual transmissions do basically the same thing—but if you’ve driven them both then you know they work in very different ways Essentially, an automatic simplifies the driving experience considerably Unlike driving a manual, there is...
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Rusty battery

How to Clean a Car Battery

Published November 22, 2018

  If you have an old battery or a mechanical failing, that’s probably going to require intervention from an automotive specialist But if the problem is simply that the terminals on your battery need to be cleaned, that’s something you can do yourself...
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Hand pouring transmission fluid as for the good car maintenance

How to Check Transmission Fluid

Published November 3, 2018

  If your vehicle has an automatic transmission—and it probably does—then shifting gears should be a relatively simple, seamless matter If the engine seems to hesitate or stall before shifting from one gear to the next, that could point to a...
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