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How to Change Your Oil - Transcription

Script Visual

Meineke Logo

Meineke Employee

At Meineke, we want to help you to get on with life. That’s why we’re going to show you how to change your oil.”

  • Meineke employee is standing inside a Meineke location, talking to the camera

HOW TO: Change Your Oil

  • Title Card fills the screen:


Change Your Oil

Meineke Employee

First, you have to ensure your vehicle is parked on a level surface with the parking brake on. You may need to jack-up your vehicle to get underneath.”

  • Meineke employee talks to the camera.

  • Wide shot of car on level surface

  • Medium shot of hand pulling parking brake

  • Close-Up shot of jack lifting up a car

Meineke Employee

Open the hood and remove the engine oil dipstick.

  • Wide shot of employee opening car hood.

  • Close-Up shot of hand removing the engine oil dipstick.

Now, locate the oil drain plug and position a container underneath. Carefully remove the plug by hand and allow all old oil to drain out.

Once drained, reinstall the oil drain plug and tighten using a wrench.

  • Medium shot of container being placed underneath car.

  • Close–Up shot of oil drain plug being removed by hand, and oil draining out.

  • Close-Up shot of plug being tightened with a wrench.

Meineke Employee

Next, position your container under the oil filter. Remove the oil filter, ensuring that the filter gasket comes off as well, and install your new oil filter.”

  • Medium shot of putting container under oil filter.

  • Close-Up shot of removing oil filter.

Meineke Employee

Now under the hood, remove the oil fill cap and pour in the appropriate amount of motor oil with the help of a funnel.

Replace the oil fill cap.”

  • Close-Up shot of removing oil fill cap and pouring oil into funnel. Then putting the oil cap back on.

Meineke Employee

Start your car and run at idle while carefully inspecting underneath the vehicle for any visible oil leaks.”

  • Close-Up shot of key turning right in ignition.

  • Medium shot of employee looking underneath vehicle for leaks. There are no leaks.

Meineke Employee

Shut off the engine and repeat the inspection process.”

  • Close-Up shot of key turning left in ignition.

  • Meineke employee talks to the camera.

Meineke Employee

Lower the vehicle to level ground and then install and remove oil dipstick and check for proper oil level. Be sure to dispose of your old oil properly.”

  • Close-Up shot of jack lowering vehicle to ground.

  • Close-Up shot of dipstick being inserted and pulled out, it shows proper oil level.

Meineke Employee

Or, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, simply bring your vehicle to Meineke for a standard $24.95 oil change and get on with your life!”

  • Meineke employee talks to the camera.

  • $24.95 Oil Change” text appears on screen

Meineke Employee

Meineke. On with Life.”

Meineke Logo.