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Lift Supports

Lift Supports are hydraulic lifts used to make opening and closing heavy items such as your hood, trunk, and hatch a little easier. Lift supports contain hydraulic fluid, and can be susceptible to losing fluid and the pressure needed to raise the hood or hatch with ease. But these devices are easy to replace.


LED or Light-Emitting Diode lights not only provide better illumination than incandescent light sources, they use less energy and have a longer life—but they do cost more. LED lights can be used in headlights or the interior of the car and dashboard instruments. There is also a blue variety you can use in the headlights, which gives your car a sportier appearance.

Linear EGR Valve

The Linear Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve is part of your car’s emissions system. This component helps remove nitrogen oxide emissions from escaping into the environment through your exhaust. The EGR along with your car’s catalytic convertor helps minimize smog by converting your exhaust into less harmful gases.

Liquid Traction

In lieu of snow tires or chains, Liquid Traction is a chemical you can spray on your tires to provide better traction when driving through light snow. Its benefits, however, last only a short time before you must reapply.

Liquid/Fuel Separator

The Liquid/Fuel Separator separates the gasoline you put into your car from the vapor the engine uses for power. If you overfill your gas tank, you run the risk of letting liquid get into the compartment designed for vapor, which will create an overly rich fuel-air mixture and a partially flooded condition at start-up. Typically, the engine will run poorly and roughly for a few moments after start-up until the purge valve closes and the engine “clears” the excess fuel.

Lock Nut

There are various Lock Nuts on a car, all designed to hold bolts in place so that they can’t get loose.


Lubricant is a substance designed to reduce friction between moving surfaces. There are many parts of your car that require lubricant. The engine needs oil, cylinders and gears need grease, and hydraulic equipment uses fluid. All of these substances are needed to keep your engine parts moving freely so they do not wear down as quickly.

Lug Wrench

A Lug Wrench is a type of socket wrench used to remove lug nuts on car wheels.

Lock Cylinders

Lock Cylinders are where your keys fit in to lock and unlock the doors and trunk of your car. If the lock cylinder is damaged you’ll have to replace the lock to your car’s specifications.

Lug Bolt

A Lug Bolt fastens the wheel of your car to wheel’s hub or brake drum.

Lug Nut

A Lug Nut is a tapered nut used to fasten the wheel to threaded wheel studs connected to your car’s axle.